The Potent Dreams of Rats…really?

The first question a person running across my blog might ask, “What does The Potent Dreams of Rats mean?”  Well it’s a bit complicated and I toyed with the idea of not explaining it to anyone but it does actually have something to do with my journey so I will try and tell you about my convoluted dream.

I had a dream a while back, January 13th 2013 to be exact.  I was recovering from thyroid surgery and everything was up in the air, I had no clue how long it would take to recover, I was low on thyroid hormones since they were draining me to run radiation tests and treatments, I felt stuck at my job that was blessing me with the ability to have said surgery and treatments.  I normally have dreams that just have me running around not doing anything in particular just stressed, living life, not a story but this dream was different.

The dream played out like a long anime story trailer.  A race of rat people enslave unhappy children and adults to do their bidding, all the while believing they are in a utopia. A perfect place where they are getting whatever they want.  One girl is immune to the rats’ powers and can tell the story of coming across them and what is happening to the children.  Her immunity comes from her reading and her wild imagination (so she knows what is fantasy).  She can already escape the rats world whenever she wants so somehow the rats’ allure doesn’t work.  The girl wants to try and get the others to see reality but she is failing. The dream had a musical number that I can’t remember the tune or words to anymore and a title sequence.  The end of the dream posed the question “Does anybody want to be saved from paradise?”.

When I woke up I typed as much as I remembered into my phone.  It was unlike anything I had dreamed before.

So did it mean anything?  I’m not sure but I am sick of trying to convince myself how lucky I am to have a great job that lots of people in my area would kill for.  Living for those two weeks of vacation a year.  I don’t like working for other people and it’s time I do something about it.  I know there is a better way.  I am going to fight to wake up from The Potent Dreams of Rats.